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Rainbow Coloring Pages (Free Printable PDFs)

Our free printable rainbow coloring pages are so cute and fun for preschool ages and up. Download all 17 free PDFs for hours of simple, colorful fun.

Hello rainbow-loving friends!

Ready to add some color to your day? It’s ROY-G-BIV* time, so grab a full pack of crayons or colored pencils and get ready for some cute and colorful fun.

Rainbows are such a delight to spot in the wild. They bring the promise of sunny skies after the rain and are a symbol of hope. You can’t help but be happy and feel uplifted when you see one, and I hope these cute rainbow drawings inspire those same feelings of joy and happiness.

Below you’ll find 15 rainbow coloring pages for kids. Some of these are perfect for preschoolers: they’re very simple and large, with thick lines to help guide little hands holding crayons. We also have a few that big kids will appreciate, with more details and thinner lines – better for colored pencils.

So, be sure to check out the full collection – then go through and grab the PDFs of the ones you want to print using the simple download button under the pictures.

Happy coloring!

(*ROY-G-BIV stands for the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.)

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you need for your kids, your students, your after school group, campers, church group, etc. To share, please use a link to this page. Please do not sell, email, share digital copies online, or distribute them in any way for any other purpose. Thanks!

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

All of our printable coloring sheets are totally free and easy to download so you can get down to the important work of coloring and adding your own touch! Just scroll past the coloring sheet that you link and click the download button directly beneath it. Then, you can download the PDF or print right away!

Easy Rainbow Coloring Pages

We’re starting off with some simple coloring sheets for preschool kiddos and up. These are perfect for keeping little ones entertained or to accompany school lessons, with all the colors of the rainbow just waiting to be colored in.

Easy rainbow with just 4 color lines:

simple rainbow coloring page with full page rainbow and clouds

Easy Rainbow with All Seven Color Lines

full rainbow coloring page with lines for all seven colors of the rainbow

Easy Rainbow with All Seven Color Lines and Color Words

full rainbow coloring page with lines for all seven colors of the rainbow and the words of the colors in the lines

Rainbow with Heart Charms

Here’s a simple rainbow with some hearts added for a touch of sweetness.

rainbow coloring page with clouds and hearts

Rainbow with Heart Arch

This simple rainbow coloring page has even more coloring possibilities with the addition of an arch of hearts.

“Rainbow” Coloring Page

It’s so important for young children to see letters and words as they start understanding that the letters are symbols that represent sounds, and together they make words that have meaning. Here, the word “rainbow” is under the rainbow.

coloring page with rainbow, clouds, and the word Rainbow

“I Love Rainbows” Coloring Sheet

Color your love for rainbows with this sweet and simple rainbow coloring sheet.

I love rainbows coloring page

Rainbows on Rolling Hills

This coloring page provides the opportunity to play around with different color combinations on the rainbows. With four different rainbows to color, kids can really explore their creativity.

coloring page with four rainbows on rolling hills

Rainbows and Butterflies Coloring Pages

These coloring sheets with rainbows and butterflies are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Take your pick from the two options below – one is landscape and one is oriented vertically. Both are have two adorable butterflies accompanying a rainbow.

coloring page with picture of large rainbow with two butterflies

Cute Rainbow Coloring Pages

As you know, we love cranking up the cute factor on our pictures. So, it’s no surprise that the rainbow pictures below are full of cute rainbows and suns and also a bit of whimsy for those who love to keep things fun.

Rainbow with Cute Clouds and Sun

Say hello to the happy sun peaking up behind the clouds to make this beautiful rainbow!

rainbow coloring page with cute clouds and sun in kawaii style illustration

Cute Rainbow with Headphones

Tune into your musical side, or the side that needs help blocking out extra stimulation, and color this adorable rainbow with headphones on.

coloring page with picture of a rainbow listening to headphones in kawaii illustration style

Donut with Rainbow Sprinkles

What’s the best donut? Regular glazed with icing and rainbow sprinkles! Here we pay homage to our favorite order at the donut shop and image the rainbows are providing all the color and sweetness.

coloring sheet of donut with rainbow sprinkles and rainbows with clouds

Rainbow with Sun and Flowers

The flowers in this rainbow coloring page provide for lots of additional color options.

coloring page with rainbow, sun and flowers in kawaii drawing style

Rainbow with Frog

Frogs love rainbows, so this little frog is having a wonderful day enjoying a lily pad under a rainbow.

coloring page with rainbow, sun, and frog sitting on a lily pad

Rainbow with Gnome and Mushrooms

Rainbows invite us to explore our imaginations and create magical worlds. Like this little world with a gnome playing in a garden of mushrooms with a cute snail friend and a rainbow.

coloring page with rainbow in background and gnome, mushrooms, and snail sitting on a mushroom

Rainbow with Cute Cottage in Rolling Hills

Finally, we have a super cute cottage in the hills that are connected by a rainbow spanning the divide. These hills are truly alive with happiness and are waiting for your creative touch. We definitely recommend using colored pencils on this coloring sheet since there are some smallish details that crayons might be too big for.

coloring page with happy cottage and rolling hills, with Rainbow arching from hill to hill in an oval border, drawn in kawaii style

More Free Coloring Pages for Kids

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ice cream coloring page with ice cream cone that has five scoops of ice cream and a rainbow with sprinkles

And, be sure to check out our cute kitty coloring pages:

cute cat coloring page with shooting star and rainbow

And for more rainbows, you can also grab some St. Patrick’s Day coloring sheets:

coloring page with rainbow, pot of gold and shamrocks

Thanks and enjoy!