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Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Our free printable Father’s Day coloring pages for Dad and Grandpa, are sure to delight kids and dads alike. Download any or all 12 PDF coloring sheets for a charming, personal gift.

Happy Father's Day coloring page with words Best Dad Ever and a trophy

Happy Father’s Day, coloring friends!

Looking for some cute coloring pages to have the kids color for dad? Don’t wait – Father’s Day 2024 will be on Sunday, June 16!

We’ve got you covered with this collection of coloring sheets that range from simple pictures for preschoolers, to more detailed coloring pages for older kids.

In fact, we also have options for other important dad figures in your life, like Grandpa.

There are so many ways to let dad know that you appreciate all that he does. These coloring sheets offer a chance for the kids to create something truly unique and personal gift that Dad or Grandpa will truly cherish for years.

Be sure to check out all of the Father’s Day coloring sheets to find the perfect one for you!

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you need for your kids, your students, your after school group, campers, church group, etc. To share, please use a link to this page. Please do not sell, email, share digital copies online, or distribute them in any way for any other purpose. Thanks!

Printable Father’s Day Coloring Pages

All of our printable coloring sheets are totally free and easy to download so you can get down to the important work of coloring and adding your own touch! Just scroll past the coloring sheet that you link and click the download button directly beneath it. Then, you can download the PDF or print right away!

six coloring sheets for Father's Day with cute, simple designs on an blue, yellow, and green background

Happy Father’s Day

These first few coloring sheets all have a simple “Happy Father’s Day” sentiment that can be used with anyone who is a father or a dad-like figure.

Simple Father’s Day Coloring Page

Here’s a sweet way to say Happy Father’s Day – a cute and simple coloring sheet with popsicles for your pop!

Cute popsicles Father's Day coloring page

Simple Happy Father’s Day with Hearts

This coloring page is short and sweet with lots of hearts to color and words that kids can decorate however they’d like.

simple Happy Father's Day coloring sheet with little hearts

World’s Best Dad Award

Who gets the award for World’s Best Dad? If that sounds like someone you know, then grab this cute coloring sheet!

Worlds Best Dad coloring page with cute earth holding ribbon award and the words Happy Father's Day

Daddy Shark Father’s Day Coloring Page

Say Happy Father’s Day to your daddy shark.

coloring sheet with drawing of a funny shark wearing a tie and the words Happy Father's Day

Foldable Father’s Day Coloring Card

Make a custom Father’s Day card with this foldable coloring sheet. Have the kids color in the page on the right, then fold it in half and write your message on the inside.

Father's Day coloring page foldable card

“I Love You Dad” Coloring Sheet

This simple coloring sheet says it all! Keep things simple with this special coloring sheet for Dad.

simple I Love You Dad coloring page with hearts

Best Dad Ever Coloring Sheet

Do you have the Best Dad Ever? Let him know with this adorable coloring sheet that you can fill with lots of bright colors.

Happy Father's Day coloring page with words Best Dad Ever and a trophy

World’s Best Dad Trophy

Here’s a cute trophy you can color and give to the “World’s Best Dad”

Worlds Best Dad trophy coloring page with star bursts

#1 Dad Trophy Coloring Sheet

Father's day coloring page with trophy for #1 Dad

#1 Dad Ribbon Coloring Page

coloring page for Dad with picture of #1 Dad ribbon

Father’s Day Coloring Pages for Grandpa

Grandpa’s are so important and we definitely want to include them in our Father’s Day plans. Here are some special coloring sheets that are just for Grandpa!

#1 Grandpa Ribbon

coloring page for Grandpa with picture of #1 Grandpa ribbon

World’s Best Grandpa Coloring Sheet

Worlds Best Grandpa trophy coloring page with star bursts

More Free Printables

Thanks and enjoy!