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April Coloring Pages

Download four cute free printable April coloring pages for kids that are super cute full of smiles.

April coloring sheet with clouds, rain, bunny, duckling, boot, frog and more April themed elements

Hello, coloring friends, and welcome to April!

This month is filled with so much promise. It is also a famously rainy month! But that’s ok – because with the rain comes muddy puddles we get to splash in, worms that come out when the ground is wet, and, of course, frogs!

Our free printable April coloring sheets are also filled with cute little animals that we see this time of year, such as ducklings and bunny rabbits.

So, when the rain comes and it’s a little too wet outside to run around and play, go ahead and settle in with some of these adorable coloring sheets and your favorite coloring utensils and enjoy!

four April coloring pages on a blue watercolor background

Printable April Coloring Pages

We have four different free printable coloring pages for April. So, even if you have some different age groups I know you’ll find something for everyone!

Terms of Use: Print as many copies as you need for your kids, your students, your after school group, campers, church group, etc. To share, please send a link to this page. Please do not sell them, email them, share copies online, or distribute them in any way for any other purpose. Thanks!

Simple April Coloring Sheets

These first printable April coloring pages are super cute, and pretty simple, with just a few elements that are all about April fun. We always expect some rain this month, so there are lots of splashy friends such as rain boots, an umbrella, and frogs. We also had some fun with a little snail who is carrying a decorated egg around.

Two April coloring pages on a purple and blue watercolor background

More April Coloring

We filled these final two coloring pages full of April fun and excitement! As you can see, the sheets below are packed with animals and items that we see this month.

Two cute April themed coloring sheets with rain clouds, baby animals, a kite, and a boot, on a pastel watercolor background
Simple April coloring sheet with a cute rain cloud, a happy umbrella, a rain boot in a puddle, and a duckling

More Free Printables for Kids

We love supporting parents and caregivers by offering these engaging and enriching activities for kids.

Now, go grab your colored pencils, markers, or crayons – embrace the joy of April, and unleash your creativity with these free printable coloring sheets!

Happy coloring!